Hang In There!

I got in the truck after work tonight and immediately began affirming how not tired I was. I only said it aloud once before it hit me–I wasn’t actually tired! And I’d only had two cups of coffee all day. Was this the day everything finally clicked and, as the Universe is wont to do, it’s significance was matched only by it’s INsignificance?

The jury’s still out on that one, suffice to say I wasn’t exactly zipping through the day like some kind of clueless jackass. I still don’t feel well, and yesterday’s sniffles have become today’s runny nose and sore throat, telling me part of why yesterday sucked so badly was because I was coming down with something.

Tomorrow I’ve got nine hours of work scheduled, and only three hours available between meetings. It will be interesting at the very least. But I am not afraid. Because I’m starting to see myself seeing signs of progress–and that means the tide is turning.

C’mon, Flowstate.

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