Heroes & Villains — #showerthoughts

I’ve been working on a short list of gearhead villains for a few weeks. Just picking at it here and there when it crosses my mind. It’s a work in progress scratching the surface of the most common shit-heels I’ve come across in the automotive community over the years and how to deal with them.

A very simplified example:

The Poseur
AKA: The Idiot, Ricer, Bro-dozer

Lowest level crim. Talks a lot. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about most of the time. Easily defeated by ignoring, dismissal, correction (with proof), walking away.

New thoughts emerged in the shower this morning.

Who are the heros counteracting these villains?

Which immediately connected dots to the hero’s journey, a classic story structure.

I wonder how GBXM could adapt that model…

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