Our trip to Kaua’i in 2016 made a lasting impact on me. Nearly a year later, I’m still thinking about the Garden Island every day. I’d move there in a heartbeat–if I could afford to live there. (It’s pretty expensive.)

I was so moved by my time in Hawai’i, I bought a honu necklace before leaving. And I’ve worn it every day since. Honu is the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, an endangered species native to the Hawaiian islands. It’s a popular aumakua or guardian spirit, symbolizing good luck, endurance, and long life.

Honu are also recognized for being excellent navigators, able to find their way home (to Hawai’i) from across the sea. Legend even has it honu guided the first Polynesian settlers to the islands in the first place. I hope my honu guides me back to Kaua’i one day soon.

No doubt you’ve noticed the tropical beach theme I’m using for this site. Like I said, Kaua’i made a lasting impact. So, after weeks of casually exploring logo ideas related to work, life, parallel, and alignment, this morning I realized the work life parallel logo was staring me in the face the whole time.


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