The Internet is still awesome. Protect it.

Get away from the hyper-partisan, barely literate bullshit, and the internet might just inspire you.

Since Facebook and LinkedIn will likely strip the URL from this post (you know, because they “support an open internet”), here’s the quick overview of the link you’re missing by not making the jump to my site to check it out.

Kid goes to boarding school. Gets abused. All the kids get abused.

Parents don’t believe them. Nobody believes them.

In 1992, one of said students, 13, is on winter break, skiing with his family. He’s suicidal. He’s actively figuring out how to end it all. His piece of shit parents don’t seem to notice, but a kind stranger he shares a ski lift with does and asks him what’s up.

His voice is familiar, but he’s all bundled up with goggles and a scarf, so whatever.

Kid opens up and tells his story. Kind stranger shares that he went through something similar in Catholic school growing up. Tells him, “One day you’ll be a grownup and this will all be a distant memory. It’s going to be okay.”

Kid decides life’s worth living that day. Random, kind stranger saved his life.

As the ski lift reaches the top, the kind stranger’s wife is waiting. Kid recognizes her as “the girl from Cheers.” It’s Rhea Perlman. Which means kind stranger was none other than Danny DeVito.

Kid, now all grown up, see’s a story on Reddit about how DeVito and Perlman took the little girl from that Matilda movie under their wing when she was going through some shit back in the day.

Kid shares his story and asks if anyone could get a message to DeVito letting him know he saved his life and was right. Everything is okay.

None other than Arnold friggin’ Schwarzenegger shows up, thanks the kid for sharing, and says he’ll make sure Danny DeVito sees the post on Reddit.

The internet is awesome.

Let’s keep it that way.

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