Kwik wins with Jim Kwik

Would you like to read faster?

Would you like to remember everything?

Listen to podcasts? Have 15-20 minutes a day?

You might want to check out Jim Kwik’s “Kwik Brain” podcast.

I first heard Jim on The James Altucher show. He talked about how he’ll start a speech by memorizing 100 people’s’ names from the audience, then recite them all from memory after he’s given his presentation.

What I liked, beyond his calm, pleasant way of speaking, was how he always seemed to offer tight little nuggets of immediately actionable advice. He’s a heavy user of acronyms and repetition to make the information he shares sticky. You’d be surprised how effective his podcast is at times.

A few weeks back, while grinding it out in evening rush hour traffic, he helped me memorize the first 10 elements on the Periodic Table—without my even knowing it until I’d done it.

He started by sharing 10 random words, asking how many you could immediately recall.

Fire hydrant – balloon – battery – barrel – board – diamond – Knight Rider – ox – toothpaste – sign.

I remembered five or six.

Then he used the words to paint a mental picture.

There’s a fire hydrant. It’s got a balloon tied to it. The balloon is lifting the hydrant out of the ground, but someone starts shooting batteries at it out of a barrel. There’s board nailed to the barrel to stabilize it. They’re in a diamond pattern.

Then he pointed out the words represented the first 10 elements.

Hydrogen – helium – lithium – beryllium – boron – carbon – nitrogen – oxygen – fluorine – neon.

It’s been weeks since I’ve thought about this example. Just got 9/10 right without checking.

Seriously. You gotta check this out:

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