I Learned Something From a Steven Segal Movie

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

It’s something the bad guy said in the one where they were on a train and wanted to blow up Washington DC with this top secret satellite they hacked. I think it was called Dark Territory.

In any case, today being Saint Patrick’s Day, combined with yesterday’s revelation around how execution or action completes the work life parallel framework, I opened the Google doc tonight thinking I’d say something about luck. Instead I was reminded chance favors the prepared mind.

Which reminds me of something Bruce Willis said in another corny, 90s action flick–The Last Boy Scout. “Be prepared. That’s my motto.”

2 thoughts on “I Learned Something From a Steven Segal Movie

  1. I remember watching a bunch of Steven Seagal movies when I was younger. Between him and Chuck Norris, me and my schoolmates had a blast recreating their movies during the summer holidays.

    It’s funny where we take inspiration from. Just goes to show even a duck can sing a sonnet (or something). No, I don’t know what that means either… 🙂

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