Mic Test. Mac Fail.


Finally got Audacity installed on the MacBook. Unboxed my still new-in-box, year-old microphone… and then had to google around to find Apple combined the headphone and microphone jacks into one. Which apparently only works with Apple hardware.

After more googling around, I found several support threads where people had luck with a $10 USB adapter that splits input/output and allows you to run 3.5mm jacks through a USB port. Sold.

Sat down to try again. It works, but it’s effectively inaudible. More googling, and I find the mic I have (Neewer NW-700) is not compatible with Macs. (Not that I had been intending to use a Mac when I asked for it last year.)

Whatever. I break out the trusty, 10-year old, reliable-to-a-fault Dell Inspiron. Bodhi Linux fired right up. But the wireless card lost it settings again and I really don’t feel like spending hours dicking with Linux bullshit.

I am disappoint.

Rather than replace a perfectly good, brand new microphone, or spend more money on a phantom power unit that still might not work, or spend even more money than that on a new, Windows machine, I think I’m just going to use my old Plantronics Bluetooth headset and my Android device.

Here goes nothing…

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