My new 3 words are already paying off!

This is what I’m talking about.

I’ve had my new “3 words” in my head a full 48 hours now—Eat less. Do more. Stay up.

They’re working.

Monday night, I found myself in the garage with the laptop a little after 9PM with about 40 minutes of unplanned freetime. I thought about working on content for later in the week. I thought about building out some curriculum (people are waiting).

Not gonna lie. I was looking for an excuse to pack it up and go to bed.

And then I remembered the biggest obstacle standing between me and officially launching The Gearhead Project was the horrible audio on episode 2. I thought, “I could spend 30 minutes researching how to get two tracks synced up.”

I discovered I the problem had to do with hard drive write speeds or something. Long story short, I had to play the entire conversation back and manually add or delete silence on each track every time Greg and I took turns talking.

By the end, I was even getting pretty good at removing “ums” and “you knows.” I thought about going back to the beginning to do this, but it was approaching midnight and the audio was finally usable.

Which means I’m three intros & outros away from officially launching the podcast.

The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch.

#shipit #pushandpushharder

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