New Commit: #15jr

At Coach Ken’s recommendation, my new, April fitness habit was at least 5,000 steps per day, everyday in April. Hashtag #5ks. I got 25 out of 30.

Did I miss my mark? Sure, but I basically doubled–even tripled–my daily activity level in the process. I’ll take it.

15/30, I did over 6ks.
6/30, I topped 7ks.
I got 8ks once.
And just under 10ks both days I was camping.

I even managed to shave a full minute off my twice daily lap around the block at work. 0.8mi in under 14 minutes.

The new commit, for May, is 15 minutes of jumping rope everyday. On top of #5ks. This one won’t be so easy.

#5ks #15jr

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