New year. Old habits die hard.

Three days late to the Happy New Year Blog Post Party.

Guess I’m supposed to be making predictions about stuff, demonstrating my expertise, and shit. I know one prediction I can make with complete confidence. I’m going to fail a lot this year.

I’m going to settle into a routine, get comfortable, and continue lying to myself about how much time, money, and energy I really have this year. Just like I do every year.

But I’m going to fight those old habits. And I’m going to create new ones.

I’m three days late to the party because I’ve been focused.

Gearbox Magazine is officially back. In the last week, I’ve recorded two podcast episodes, secured three more, published a little something for our ideal customer, had a 90-minute management ops call with Deanna, and came up with a stop-the-presses idea for the (ahem) TWO print magazines we’re going to produce this year.

Oh, and I’ve been sketching out my first bullet journal.

So bear with me while I get organized.

Old habits die hard.

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