#nlgs18: Recharge, ramp up, repeat.

I had an idea, then, no.

What if I got up at 5 on Saturday and installed V’s new stereo, then skipped the pool party in order to get a solid four to six hours in on #nlgs18?

Well, Shannon had bought a LOT of food, and Chef and Angie were going, and damn. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a legit swimming pool. Phoenix summers are brutal without one.

I got the stereo installed. Went the twisty-tape route because it doesn’t really matter at this level. And it was nice to be out front, working on a car project while the neighborhood was quiet.

Rod, the local tomcat, reappeared for the first time in a couple weeks. Followed by his daughter. Followed by four of her daughters, each no more than six inches long.

The install was a complete success. The Juke has never sounded so good. The factory deck made little use of the $500 in Kenwood and JL components I’d installed last year for V. This thing shakes all the mirrors.

And then we went to Shannon’s for the pool party. We spent the day.

It was nice to fall into bed around 9PM and know I’d be getting at least seven hours of sleep.

Recharged. Ramp up. Repeat.

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