No Signal? No Problem. It’s Podcast Time!

Next year would be 20 years with T-mobile. Sadly, where I once took comfort–even pride–in knowing my mobile carrier absolved me of having to think about my coverage or plan, recent years have been increasingly disappointing. Verizon’s network is calling my name. And they’re almost as shady as AT&T.

I digress.

Knowing in advance I’d be several hours in the middle of nowhere with neither mobile data nor remotely interesting, terrestrial radio, I planned ahead and loaded up HOURS of podcasts. Boom. Head shot.

On the way TO High Desert Trails, I listened to a great conversation between Joe Rogan and Will MacAskill, discussing effective altruism. MacAskill donates every dollar he makes above about $36k/year to charity. He’s making a difference. And, really, that’s the only thing worth making.

I also listened to several hours of the SaaStr podcast. Hat tip to the always charming Harry Stebbings for some inspired business insights. This one is quickly becoming a favorite.

  • Alex Rosen, Managing Director at IDG Ventures, talked about early stage SaaS metrics (and why they don’t matter).
  • Daniel Ruch, Founder & CEO at Rocketrip explained how they drive behavioral changes empowering employees to keep the company’s best interests in mind.
  • Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO at Cloudability shared insights on on scaling teams during hyper growth stages.
  • Scott Friend, Managing Director at Bain Capital, explained why payback period is the most important SaaS metric.
  • Dan Burkhart, Founder & CEO at Recurly, talked in-depth about building and scaling customer success teams. (These are so critical.)
  • Brad Feld, Co-Founder & VC at Foundry Group, talked about structuring SaaS startups for scalability.

I particularly loved that last one. Feld mentioned having three core priorities–Product, Customer, Company. This was a stand-out episode in my book. If you missed it, it’s SaaStr Podcast #112.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also heard Danielle Tate, of tell Justin Gray (my CEO at LeadMD) how she set out in pursuit of a cardiology career, missed it by *this much,* and found her calling in helping people change their names. Note to self: you won’t make any money at this without a product (or productized service).

The beat went on, with James Altucher interviewing not only Tucker Max about how his latest project–Book In A Box–works #lightbulb and how his ego got him in trouble, but a second interview with Ryan Holiday (who helped Tucker Max generate controversy and publicity around his earlier work).

Holiday talked about stoicism and what it means, being selective about how we spend our time, and the importance of knowing the scenes we want to be in. Note to self: dig deeper into the whole, work life balance, career-advancement scene.

And, sprinkled throughout all this thoughtful, business development knowledge, was my good friends Andrew Pascarella and Brad DeSantis, talking analog Mitsubishis, Monteros, Galants, Colts, rally, car shows, and more.

Not gonna lie. There’s a part of me that wishes I had another 16 hours in the truck coming up soon so I could continue learning. Like I told Justin in a Slack message Friday night, I can’t wait to be fluent in these languages.

The drive was long–both ways–but it was rewarding–both ways.


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