A Norman Rockwell kinda evening

Sometimes things go surprisingly well for a change…

Picked up P from school. She was bent she would miss playground time. Until I told her I needed her help taking care of Mommy, who didn’t feel well.

She sat on the center armrest, hugging me the entire way home. (Hey. It’s only a couple quiet, residential blocks. And it’s our little secret. Shhh.) Switched into Nurse P mode the minute she walked through the door. Aw.

After work, I caught a desperately needed haircut and beard trim at The Spot, where I’ve come to understand why guys hang out in barber shops when they’re not getting haircuts. before driving 11 miles across town for my weekly T and B shots.

Stopped at QT for some egg nog, the annual half gallon, on the way home. Where I discovered V and P hung Xmas decos, singing Xmas carols the whole time.

I had my leftover mac & cheese dinner. We all got into jammies and watched Adventure Time before getting to bed right on time.

Just felt kinda Rockwell for once.

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