It’s Not Like Riding a Bike

I should clarify something. When I say I’m going​ to jump rope 15 minutes a day, everyday in May, I mean I’m going to spend 15 minutes trying.

This shit is hard.

For the record, I was the fat kid from basically middle school on. It took me a full semester to break a 10 minute mile my sophomore year.

I picked up smoking shortly after high school and pretty much ran a pack-a-day habit for 20 years. With little physical activity outside car repair (I could give a shit about any college or professional sportsball), I was about as sedentary as they come.

So it’s probably going to take me all month to get to the point of jumping rope for 15 minutes at a time–maybe longer.

At this point, I can jump anywhere from six to 32 times without tripping myself up or stopping to stay alive.

Whatever it takes, though.

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