Rainy Days

How often does it rain where you live? Here in Phoenix, rainy days are few and far between. And to get a good, rainy day on a weekend, when you can get out and enjoy it, always makes me happy.

Today, it was raining gently when we woke up. And it kept raining like that all day. All. Day. It was still raining when we left JP’s at 9PM. Glorious.

We don’t get that much rain during Monsoon season anymore. The climate is changing. The hot season is getting hotter and longer every year. Urban sprawl has lead to heat island effect, which means there’s enough heat radiating off streets and buildings that only the most savage microbursts seem to reach the metropolitan core during Monsoon season.

Combined with news of drought in California, and Texas, studies showing Kansas and Oklahoma are gleefully pumping their aquifer dry (Dust Bowl 2, anyone?), and reports of Lake Mead still being a 34% chance of not being able to provide enough water to places like Phoenix by 2018 (an improvement from 50%, thanks to a relatively rare, wet winter), I don’t think people truly appreciate how nice this rain was.


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