Really, Fezzik?

This is no joke. Literally three times in a row now—since June—within 24 hours of telling someone (usually V) that the check engine light is gone and I’m feeling good about how Fezzik’s running, that damned CEL comes right back on.

The last few times it’s come on—and there have been more than three, mind you—it’s been a simple case of a stuck thermostat. I’d be driving, a storm would roll through, the ambient temperature drops, and Fezzik actually runs too cool to get into open or closed loop fuel calculations.

I confirmed this theory with the MUT-II factory scan tool I borrowed from Adam back when I was troubleshooting the misfire before MOD. No big deal.

[ For the non-gearheads in the audience, the thermostat is a valve in the engine cooling system. It stays shut until the engine warms up, then opens to allow coolant/antifreeze to circulate through the radiator and heater core. If you get hot air from your heater vents, your thermostat is open and coolant is circulating. ]

Anyway, when Super Shuttle dropped me off after the Shootout, I noticed a sizable leak under Fezzik. Coolant. The next morning, I added half a gallon of distilled water to the radiator. Awesome.

No leaks all week, though. Temp gauge functioning normally.

Come home from Sedona this past Sunday to find another puddle under Fezzik.

Really, dude? C’mon. You broke down just sitting there? 

I suspect it’s the coolant line to the throttle body. Keith’s going to let me borrow his pressure tester to know for sure. Hooray dealing with filthy shit on the back of the engine!

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