Results That Fucking Matter. See also, Read The Fucking Manual.

In any case, in the second round of interviews, when you learn we’re dropping F-bombs all day, everyday–so feel fucking free–in that moment, it’s not so much your answering Alice’s “three words” question, literally, “go fuck yourself,” which earns you a passing grade, so much as it is the way your body language and your answers overall suggest “go fuck yourself” is maybe your default response to stress.

The irony, of course, being less than two hours later, we all agreed “Results That Fucking Matter” is our official motto for one of the biggest marketing conferences of the year.

Which is to say we’re cool with F-bombs, but they need reflect passion, drive, and responsibility.

The confidence to lead. The humbleness to follow. Not as easy as we’d like to think it is.

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