Sedona Getaway #2

This was my third consecutive weekend in a hotel. This time, P came with us.

We decided to escape the unrelenting heat of Phoenix for a night. Saturday morning, the three of us hopped in the Juke and hit the road for Sedona. Our destination: Sedona Real Inn & Suites.

The Juke, with its tiny turbocharger and CVT, made short work of what is ordinarily a long slog in Fezzik. Got 23mpg, too, fully loaded, likely in full boost the entire way, in 108° weather. (Fezzik gets 15mpg at best. On flat ground. With a tail wind.)

In any case, we had a pretty good time. P got to walk out onto a sandbar in slow moving Oak Creek. We skipped rocks, sat in the grass, and got our feet wet.

We got excellent guacamole at the Barking Frog. We had “disco earthy” organic, gluten-preservative-free, dinner at Paleo Brio, to include a fresh-baked brownie with coconut cream. We soaked in a hot tub and froze in an unheated pool.

And then, after breakfast at one of our favorite places in Sedona—Secret Garden Cafe—we did a little hiking around the red rocks off Schnebly Hill Road. P took to her assigned “Trail Leader” role with gusto, leading us over, around, and through the landscape.

We need to do stuff like this more often.

We will.

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