Sedona Power Vortex

V and I took our first, just-the-two-of-us, with no-plans-or-cares weekend since, well, since before P was born, anyway, so at least five years, getaway this weekend. We went to Sedona.

Now, we usually find ourselves in Sedona in late afternoon, feeling a sense of urgency to get out of town and home after a long day of four-wheeling. But this past Friday, we were the first customers in the joint and had the entire, Mariposa patio to ourselves for nearly an hour. Eating and drinking $100 in tapas and Bolivian mules. With this view.

We watched hours of shitty, cable TV. In bed. We walked over to the Secret Garden Cafe for lunch. Then went back to the Inn and took a nap, before going back out for a nice, steak dinner at The Golden Goose. In between, we spent a lot of time just sitting on the balcony of The Inn Above Oak Creek, overlooking the creek.

It was the perfect balance of sloth, gluttony, and Nicolas Cage for this point in our lives.

We needed this.

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