Shootout III: 250 Jets

Neat work life parallel story developing alongside my own. A couple years back, one of my long time gearhead brothers’ sons decided to skip college to build race cars.

He recently made about 500 wheel horsepower with a car he bought from another one of my gearhead brothers. Then he showed up in Norwalk with it and ran 11s.

20 years I’ve been a 2GNT DSMer. They make a little over 100whp stock. Few of us ever made more than 400. And only one of us ever ran a faster ET in the quarter-mile.

Saturday night, said “kid” was coordinating with the teammate tuning the engine he built in the company race car.

They’d been in the hunt for the 7-second Evo bounty. With almost $20,000 and a tropical vacation on the line, they were hell-bent on being the first into the sevens.

After running consistently low, low eights all day–assploding all sorts of really expensive race car parts (nitrous backfires are a helluva bang)–the engine was back together. They were tuning for a 250hp shot of nitrous oxide. A slight bump from the 50-shot they’d been running.

They made a couple good, hell-bent-for-leather runs the next morning. Sadly, though perhaps expectedly, things played out more bent-to-hell. That’s what happens when you run the back end of the track on pure, straight, nitrous.

It wasn’t their time. It wasn’t anyone else’s time either, though. Here’s hoping they stay All In.

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