Space-Time Harmonics

A comment I left on a blog post that really resonated:

You, sir, are officially on my list.

How ironic to see our contextual paths roughly parallel these past few years, and know we first connected around a particular issue we took with a will-remain-unnamed influence peddler. (Since this could technically mean they had significant influence after all.)

After losing interest in the growing sycophancy around social media vanity, I suspect I drifted away from your marketing content right about the time you were. (Shame I missed the big change email! It’s probably been a good run!) A couple years go by, and last summer the algorithms bubble one of your newer prices up. “Holy shit. Is THAT what Danny Brown is on about these days? SUBSCRIBE. COMMENT: I’M BACK.”

I totally get it. Pretty cool to think how strangers can randomly occupy the same relative space for a short time, have a few conversations, influence each other’s trajectories however slight, and drift apart, only to cross paths again in the future and recognize similar arcs.

So, wishing you the best of luck, my friend. Let’s take blogging back. Let’s make it real again. Let’s trade balance for alignment. And let’s turn off the overwhelm.

The Evolution of a Blog and the Evolution of You

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