Sprouts and I had a moment…

Grocery shopping after dinner on a Monday night. Almost done. Now which peanut butter do we get?

Sprouts doesn’t carry “the leading brands”. They carry those organic, non-gmo, ingredients you recognize brands you’ve never heard of. Aside from the mayo, it’s all pretty good.

In any case, peanut butter is the last thing on my list. I’m squatting down, looking over all the various nut butters and spreads. And I realize I have no idea what brand we buy, other than it doesn’t separate.

I’m thinking, “Choosy moms choose JIF because they aren’t actually choosy” when I hear it. There’s a lull in the buzz of the grocery store. It’s almost as if I’m the only one in the store.

And that’s when this song starts playing on the PA. [ The Cars — Drive ]

Yeah. Sprouts and I had a moment.

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