The Story You’re Telling

When someone at LeadMD hits his or her anniversary date with the company, Justin (our CEO) shares a special thank you message with the entire team. And not just a simple “Thank you,” either. He goes deep. He puts it in writing. And he tags the whole company in Slack so everyone sees it. These are truly special.

It’s patently obvious he both appreciates and cares for his tribe. I’ve never experienced anything like this anywhere else I’ve worked. It drives home the fact that I work with some seriously next level people; people who walk the walk.

Many of these anniversary commentaries speak to the almost immediate delivery of value above and beyond–of making an unmistakable difference in the business. Which gets me thinking…

Six months in, I don’t see myself as having put a similar foot forward. I feel like assumptions and an ingrained reliance upon systems–stained by the caustic culture of my last gig–lead me to stumble a bit out of the gate. It feels like a very real disadvantage when joining a dynamic, fully-engaged team.

Six months from now, when I hit my own anniversary with LeadMD, I want my own epic shared with the team in Slack. While I know Justin is as skilled wordsmith and will no doubt have superlative things to say when the time comes, there’s still plenty of blank pages before us.

Like I said, I don’t feel like I’ve got one of those Nailed-It-Day-One stories, but know why I’m here, how I can make a difference, and what it’s going to take. The clock is ticking. I’m getting after it.

What story do you want people telling about YOU in six months? A year from now?
And what are you going to do about it today? Tomorrow? Next week?
#GetAfterIt #WhateverItTakes

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