Got a minute? 2 questions for you today…

Got a minute? I’d like your opinion. Please and thank you.

1 | Which podcast would you be most likely to check out?

A. The Sync Road
B. The Gearhead Project

2 | We’re going to start rolling out a bunch of technical how-to programs in 2018. Think: “Professional Gearhead.” Assuming you were curious about any of this stuff, which seems like a better offer?

A. A la carte, one-off, when/if you’re interested:

Examples might be:
– Next Level Gearhead Summer, 3-months of weekly project ideas: $30
– Marketing Best Practices for Gearhead Startups, 12+ modules: $300
– Penmanshift, Auto-Writer training program, 16+ modules: $200
– (More programs to be added over time…)

B. All-inclusive subscription: $10/mo or $100/yr (includes future stuff)

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think? Thank you.

The day the music died

As someone whose life is remarkably better because of the open Internet—and who’s trying to one day make a living by using the Internet to help make others lives remarkably better—the bought-and-paid-for, Republican FCC’s decision yesterday give people like me the finger really pissed me off. Big time.

I need to do a better job of balancing the sense of urgency with a need to convert outrage into something more productive.

Shit. America 2017—we could ALL do a better job of this.

Here’s hoping a healthy rash of lawsuits brought by state Attorneys General and non-profit organizations, combined with an unrelenting outrage from the American people will once and for all fix the Internet as as being the great equalizer and innovation space it’s proven to be in the last 20 years.

You have to care more

I kinda got shitty with a customer this week.

Thankfully, I work with people who care just as much as I do. I know I can let down my guard and show my hand. Because we’ll play the best hands we can make between us.

I can share the raw—the unfiltered—and not worry I’m going to look incompetent. Because they know I care as much as they do. And that’s hard to find these days.

So when I give a customer tough love, we all know it’s because I truly want to see them succeed.

You can always tell when you’re dealing with someone who really cares. You want every experience to feel like that.

And that’s why YOU have to care more.