This little light of OURS…

Even #vanlife has become commoditized.

Speaking as a marketer and entrepreneur, it’s a shame how capitalism and marketing have reduced social media into little more than an attention-starved celebration of aspirational consumption.

Where we could be using this technology to expand our horizons and build stronger, more meaningful relationships on shared foundations, we’ve let it become the usual, exclusionary popularity contest, often going so far as retracting into petty tribalism.

We curate these rose-colored avatars suggesting our lives are full of fun and games and wonder, while reducing the mediocre tedium of adulthood to little more than the random, cryptic cry for help.

FML, right?

20 years ago, we were all in agreement—you are NOT your post count. Today, you can make money with your Instagram follower count (even if most of it is fake). That ain’t right.

We should stop amplifying the differences and use social media to reinforce common ground.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Let’s try using social media to listen more than we speak.

And let’s invest our attention into helping each other feel valued for our efforts and contributions moreso than the stuff we buy to play gearhead or overlander or entrepreneur.

#rtfm #resultsthatfuckingmatter #amiright