Lazy Sunday

It’s been a good weekend, but I’m feeling lazy today. Might as well take advantage, as I’m running wide open the next four in a row.

The big TOPO Summit is this week (on Mom’s birthday, no less), and there’s much to do on the work front.

4/15, I’m going junk yard dogging. V & P will be getting together with Molly & Leighton, so I’m going to see if I can’t find some odds and ends for Fezzik.

4/22, Fezzik (tentatively) goes under the knife, getting his 180k timing belt service done by Adventure Driven Design while I give the ADD site (and forum) a makeover.

The following week is the big Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, which is the culmination of a metric shitton of work at the office. Oh, and I turn 40 on the 25th.

4/28, I’m going camping up north.

I pick up my home sleep test on 5/4, then hit the road the following morning for the High Desert Trails rally in Ridgecrest, California, where I’m hoping to solo camp up in the mountains where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the rally stage.

Whew. It’s gonna be a ride.


Modern Gearhead Magazine

I want to start another automotive magazine. This time, I think I’ll call it Modern Gearhead Magazine. The focus will be developing a more mature, global perspective of the automotive lifestyle.

I’m envisioning a healthy mix of entry level, how-to content designed to empower the next generation of gearheads, advanced automotive and performance theory to feed more experienced minds, and lots of real world, in-depth stories showcasing all the different ways work life parallel manifests itself in car culture. We might even run the odd review. Maybe. But only if it’s legitimately significant.

This would be a print-only affair, published on no specific schedule, and only when there was enough content to produce something truly meaningful. Oh, and remember a couple days ago when I wrote about “The Tyranny of Ideas?” This is what inspired that post.

And this is just me getting it out of my head. For now.