#nlgs18: Getting up at 5AM *every* day.

A look back at small success.

A couple months back, I realized I’m a morning person.

Just kidding. Morning has its charms, for sure, but there is little pleasantry in being awake when your body would rather not be. Ideally, we could all just go to bed and wake up when we felt like it.

I realized it makes more sense for me to get up early to work on GBXM than to workout. It’s easy to get online. It’s not easy to get up and do something you don’t want to do.

And if GBXM takes off, I’ll be able to plan exercise wherever it works for me. Not having to commute, alone, would put nearly two hours back in my day. And it would truly be MY day for once.

In any case, the urgency of getting #nlgs18 launched on schedule has proven beneficial.

Monday and Tuesday were rough. P work up with bad dreams or such just before five both days.

Wednesday was the first day my alarm woke me. It also wakes V. Who is fine with it when I actually get up.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? I just woke up between 4:50 and 4:58AM, dismissed the alarm, and got to work.

Sunday too. So I went an entire week getting up at 5AM—even on the weekend, when I could have slept in. I run out of steam a lot earlier in the evening than I did last week, and I’ve been staying up later (often to 11PM) recording podcasts, but I’m easily getting an extra day out of the week just for GBXM stuff—a full eight hours of effort.


  • email signup form: done (enough)
  • landing page: done (enough)
  • announce & get some players: done (enough)

Small success. Now to turn it into a big one. It’s time to purchase a Learning Management System, connect it to my forum, and start building activities. (And, put on my Marketer hat to get the word out.)

There’s a simple signup form and no-bs explanation of #nlgs18 here, by the way:


Marketing is the most powerful force for good in the world.

But only if we decide to use it as such.

The very first thing I learned in my MBA program was this: Business exists to make a profit.

And yet, the love of money is the root of all evil. Go figure.

Think about it. All the psychology and psychological trickery designed to drive us to specific actions (buying something).

All the technology and automation built around streamlining processes to eliminate any obstacle standing between us and that action (buying something).

All the personal data collected from our every action online—and IRL through device tracking—used in the hopes of getting the right message in front of us at the right time (so we’ll buy something).

Imagine if we used all that data and science and tech to encourage people to eat right, live healthier lifestyles, respect others, or properly care for their children. What if we used it to improve public education, public transit, and public utilities?

What if, instead of business existing to make a profit, business existed to make a difference?

I’ve long believed the science and tech behind modern marketing could be the world’s most powerful force for good—if we only decided business exists to make a difference instead.

Make a real, lasting difference, and the customers will come to you.

There’s an awful lot of noise out there these days, but ultimately, products and services truly worth owning sell themselves. You can spend a small fortune on marketing—but I’d argue you’ll see better returns by investing that budget into doing real, lasting good for others.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Are you a gearhead entrepreneur? Got startup?

I had a revelation. About you.

It’s time I stop blogging and be a goddamned journalist.

If the audience is next level gearheads looking to discover what’s next—and the mission is helping them discover and achieve it— the content has to be focused on reflection, exploration, and discovery. It has to enlighten, educate, and empower people to take action, solve problems, document the journey, and change their lives.

It’s time to grow up and stop blogging about broke-dick vehicles.

It’s time to start reporting on the stories that matter.

It’s time to start delivering results that matter.

It’s time to start making a difference.

If you’re a gearhead startup or business owner—or know one—please get in touch. I’m going to start actively seeking these people out, but I’d prefer to prioritize those who are already engaged and give a shit.

Thank you.