It’s Funny How First Impressions Work

You meet someone new. It’s your girlfriend’s boss.
Years later, she introduces her husband. Now they’re your landlords.
You meet their grand-daughter. She’s about the same age as your daughter.

For over a decade, your relationship is framed by a sort of manager/direct-report kinda vibe. Your wife answers to her at the office. He lets you know when somebody’s coming to do some work on the house. You know you have quite a bit in common, but you can’t shake the feeling they’re almost like parents; keeping a watchful eye over you.

That’s what it is—they’re your superiors—ya know?

Then you see the picture of the two of them back at that concert in 1973.

You think, “I like those bands.”
You think, “Music’s always been a major part of our lives, too.”
You think, “These guys seem to get cooler the more you learn about them.”

It’s funny how first impressions work. You can spend years thinking people are different when, really, you’re pretty much the same kids, just a few years apart.

Happy anniversary, Naomi and Dan.
What a long, strange trip it’s been. 😉