Remember the world wide web?

Before social media ruined it?

15 years ago, those of us already active in online communities were presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were able to start over and make new names for ourselves—using our REAL names.

Today, most of us simply go to Facebook or Reddit or LinkedIn or Twitter and view the things THEY think we want to see. Today, most of us see only what we want to see. We merely consume.

The other night, I grabbed my phone, opened the browser, and clicked the address bar. Facebook was the second option. As I waited for the feed to load, I thought, “I don’t want to be looking at Facebook. I want to look at something else for a change.”

But what do I look at? Where do I go?

I used to spend most of my time on automotive forums. The problem with automotive forums is that they tend to revolve around vehicle mods and repairs. I’m taking a break from mods and repairs, methinks, after the last month.

So where do I go?

(Seriously. I’m open to suggestions, here.)

PS: This is something I realize needs to be, like, THE #1 THING to figure out with GBXM these days.

(And I’m working on that.)

355 dailies in a year. (I did it!)

I’ve officially done this for a full year.

365 days, 355 dailies published. I can live with a 2.7% failure rate.

(Sometimes even I don’t have anything to say.)

GRAND TOTAL: 54,874 words written since 02/15/17, 150/day on average.

Yeah, I know I fairly regularly missed multiple days in a row and then cranked them out in batches after the fact, but I don’t know how often I did so as a percentage. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to do that for the year ahead. Maybe thinking, “Mark doesn’t like it when I publish several at once” will continue keeping me on-schedule(ish).

So much has changed since I started writing these.

I still feel my stomach twist up when I think back to that one morning at LeadMD when I emailed almost 20,000 people to check out an important blog post that didn’t publish automatically like it was supposed to.

I don’t remember the blog post at all, or the campaign, or if any of the above was even worth our time—but I remember something important in my wheelhouse shitting the bed and making the company look careless, incompetent, or both.

Today, I feel like I’m finding my stride with these. I’m not trying so hard. What began as a simple way to write and vent and feel like I was still creating something when I was too busy for and too disappointed in GBXM has become a simple, easy way of honing my writing skills, clearing my mind, and more.

So many ideas. So little time.

Reflect on why you enjoy the things you do, explore different ways of using your skills in meaningful ways, discover new opportunities, act on them, and take lots of notes. It’s work life parallel.

And it’s worth the struggle.

Again, if you want to try this, I’ll help you.