Flipping the script to optimize my life

I’m a morning person—but I don’t do mornings.

So why in the hell, then, have I been trying to hard to THIS schedule?

0500: Get up. Exercise.
— work all day —
2100: Stay up. Work on GBXM.

Last night, I joked that I should flip that schedule.

0500: Get up. Get online. Work on GBXM.
— work all day —
2100: Exercise. And get 7 hours of sleep.

I laughed and laughed. Until I didn’t.

Would you believe I was disappointed I didn’t hear my 5AM alarm this morning?

Something, something. Connecting the dots between hustle, flow, and willpower.

Don’t call it a “scavenger hunt.” NLGS is all about prospects.

NLGS = Next Level Gearhead Summer.

Two years later, it’s happening. It’s FINALLY happening.

What was originally going to be a $27 series of weekly emails full of meaningful gearhead summer activities has—thanks to generous feedback from several individuals (you know who you are)—is now going to be something of a next level gearhead scavenger hunt—and 100% free of charge.

But there’s nothing “scavenger” about it.

This is more of a prospector hunt.

This summer, we’re exploring a variety of fun projects together—some small, some large, and ALL designed to help us unlock the next level—regardless of where we are now.

NLGS is a summer adventure game for gearheads. Three months of automotive excellence.

And it’s all about prospects.

Sign up form coming soon.

Po boy’s PO box

I got a PO box this week.

Next week, I’m filling for the LLC.

It’s funny. GBXM will be nine years old this year. And I’m just now doing this stuff.

For some reason, these have seemed like big, difficult things to do. They’re not.

They’re not even expensive. It’s hard to justify spending money when you’re not making any.

Which reminds me…

After I get the LLC, I’m gonna get an EIN.

And then I’m getting a business account.

Making a difference. Making a profit.

Making it happen.