Making energy > making time

I recently saw it suggested we should focus on making energy, since we can’t make more time.

My understanding is that, when we have more energy, we’re better able to use the time we’ve got. That make a lot of sense.

I see how my good friend Greg went from couch to 5k to ultramarathons to centennials on his bike. I see how healthy and happy he is these days.

I really want that. C25K installed. I’ve got the time. Just need to commit and start making that energy.

Haul out your bulk trash

Get that monkey off your back.

It’s been said you should be kind to everyone you meet, because everyone is fighting an uphill battle. Or something like that. Which is to say we’ve all got a pile of crap somewhere we need to deal with.

For V and I, it’s literally been a pile—of construction debris. The previous owners of our house did an absolute shit job of enclosing the patio. We’ve knocked out the walls and are screening it in.

The sheetrock went out in the trash over the course of a month. The insulation went out in two Craigslist freebie ads. But the giant pile of crooked, glue-covered, rusty-nail-riddled lumber in the corner of the yard has just been sitting there.

Enter bulk trash day. With a long weekend and no other plans, we set about cleaning up the backyard. The dead air conditioner that never worked in the room? To the curb. The tiny, bathroom windows they’d installed? Next to the air conditioner. All those 2x4s? Cut down to under the 4-foot length limit and piled at the curb, ready to go.

image: bulk trash

It was a shit-ton of work, but the yard looked so much better after, we mowed what little grass we still have back there, patched a bunch of holes in the remaining wood, and selected the colors we’re going to paint the house.

We bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink. P actually rode her bike for the first time. I confirmed Fezzik’s alternator is still working. And we even got all the laundry done, too.

Just goes to show. That big, stupid thing hanging over your head? You know, that monster chore you’ve been avoiding like the plague? If you just suck it up and get it done, you’re going to feel so damned productive afterward.

Haul out your bulk trash. Set yourself free.

You deserve it.