I used to drink Mountain Dew all the time.

Now I don’t.

Granted, I generally drink at least one 16-ounce “energy drink” per day, but that’s not the point.

I used to drink cokes, sodas, pop, if you will, all the time. First thing in the morning. (Took me a while to develop a taste for coffee.) With lunch and dinner. Casually between meals.

I don’t do that anymore. In fact, most of the time, I’m drinking either water, Arnold Palmers, or plain old iced tea. It’s rare that I get a soft drink outside my douche-branded Rockstars.

And even those Rockstars are getting old. If we’re honest, anyone who drinks them daily gets nothing from them but a temporary reprieve from their well-deserved caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

The point is, it wasn’t hard to quit drinking soft drinks. I just stopped ordering them.

And if I can quit soft drinks just like that, why can’t I quit other bad habits?

Things that make you go hmmm…

Flipping the script to optimize my life

I’m a morning person—but I don’t do mornings.

So why in the hell, then, have I been trying to hard to THIS schedule?

0500: Get up. Exercise.
— work all day —
2100: Stay up. Work on GBXM.

Last night, I joked that I should flip that schedule.

0500: Get up. Get online. Work on GBXM.
— work all day —
2100: Exercise. And get 7 hours of sleep.

I laughed and laughed. Until I didn’t.

Would you believe I was disappointed I didn’t hear my 5AM alarm this morning?

Something, something. Connecting the dots between hustle, flow, and willpower.

Choppin’ Broccoli

Damnit, Coach.

I love the rare intersections of laziness and productivity.

For example, I don’t want to leave the office for lunch unless I’m meeting a customer—and Uber Eats is a COLOSSAL waste of money—I just started stocking my desk drawer with “healthy” snacks.

Epic beef, bison, and salmon bars. A couple bags of beef jerky. Lara fruit & veggies bars. Kind cranberry almond bars. Seriously. I have at least a dozen options in my desk at any given time—and none of them are over 200 calories.

When I get hungry, I don’t have to get in the truck and drive anywhere. I don’t even have to leave my desk. I just reach into the drawer and grab whatever sounds good. That’s productive.

And since I’m doing so much snacking, I don’t get those crazy, midday hunger pains, so I’m actually eating less. Three or four snacks at 130-190 calories each is less than half the calories of any drive-thru.

It’s lazy productive. I don’t have to think about, plan, prepare, or even schedule lunch. I just reach into my desk and eat. It’s less expensive. It’s healthier. And it’s more productive. I love it.

But as Coach Theis points out, as good as those things are compared to fast food, there are even better options. That’s right, Coach is suggesting vegetables.

I don’t know which feels more bizarre right now, that I’ve got a gallon freezer bag full of broccoli and baby carrots in the fridge—or that I’m kinda craving raw broccoli and carrots.