Optimism in the face of disappointment

There’s a gearhead in my neighborhood.

We’ve had the casual, stopped in the middle of the road chat about each others trucks. I drive an old Mitsubishi. He drives an old Ford. We smile and wave at each other. #goodguys #gearheadsunited

Today I noticed one of his other vehicles has a cartoon Trump peeing on the world “LIBERALS” in the back window.

Ugh. Really, dude?

Here’s the thing, though. Much as my brain is using that decal to assign a raft of stereotypes to this guy I barely know—I’m not going to let those negative thoughts stick. I’m sure he’s seen my Bernie 2016 and ITMFA decals. And he still smiles and waves.

You could unpack a dozen different lessons from this experience. But the one I like best is the one where I see how, when we focus on what we have in common, it’s a lot easier to live with our differences.

Hell. We might even be able leverage our differences to make the world a better place for everyone.

Optimism in the face of disappointment.

Love you, Suzie Derkins.

Flipping the script to optimize my life

I’m a morning person—but I don’t do mornings.

So why in the hell, then, have I been trying to hard to THIS schedule?

0500: Get up. Exercise.
— work all day —
2100: Stay up. Work on GBXM.

Last night, I joked that I should flip that schedule.

0500: Get up. Get online. Work on GBXM.
— work all day —
2100: Exercise. And get 7 hours of sleep.

I laughed and laughed. Until I didn’t.

Would you believe I was disappointed I didn’t hear my 5AM alarm this morning?

Something, something. Connecting the dots between hustle, flow, and willpower.

Shout Out to Mike Goncalves: Training the most important muscle of all

A Positive Vibe Merchant

I don’t even remember how I originally ended up on Mike Goncalves’ old site, The Wellness Bucket, but I remember I downloaded a one-page, nautical themed PDF with a simple, 15-minute daily workout and taped it to the inside of my front door shortly after I did.

That was maybe three, four years ago. And I’ll be honest—I didn’t stick with it.


Now, what I only realized recently is he’d already been chipping away at his dream for four to five years at that point. Today, some eight years since deciding to just go for it, Mike recently completed a six month trip around the world.

It turns out he and I set out on similar paths around the same time. (2009-2010 was apparently a good time to launch.) Unfortunately, my early years were a bit too pollyannish. My “business exists to make a difference” mindset blinded me to revenue generation plays.

Anyway, here’s why I’m inspired by this guy: He’s living my work-life parallel credo. To the letter.

  • Work-life parallel > work-life balance
  • A difference is the only thing worth making.
  • True success comes from helping others succeed.

“The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

I was reminded of this quote in the best possible way this week—by inspiration. And it was Mike Goncalves who provided that inspiration.

He set himself a goal. Once he reached $1M in sales, he was going to Fiji. He did it.

I’d like to do it too. So I WILL do it.

And I know YOU can do it too.

We could do it together.

Mike’s a physical trainer, but he’s training the most important muscle of all—the mind.

Check out his inspiring story here: http://mikegoncalves.com/leveraged-law-attraction-achieve-dream/