My most ambitious undertaking yet: #nlgs18 starts TODAY

Perfection is the enemy of done.

In the last month, I’ve bought an LMS, finalized a list of 50 summer activities, expanded it to almost 60, installed a forum, connected that forum to the LMS, spent a full week troubleshooting login/permissions issues, and lost track of everything I’ve done regarding email list segmentation.

And I just sent an email to… to… shit. I don’t even know how many people have signed up to play as I type this just before midnight last night. Guess we’ll find out.

If you’re a gearhead like us, I think you’ll enjoy this game. It’s the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done online. It’s going to run all summer long—three months—and it starts today.

Join us –>

Seen and Heard: the company you keep

Children should be seen and not heard.

So many adults had or have this mentality pretty much every kid in America knew it by heart.

Kids and adults were often kept separated at parties and family events. It had its perks, but yesterday I was reminded of something.

We sometimes worry about P being an only child. Almost none of our friends have kids P’s age, and those who do live an hour across town, so she doesn’t get to spend much time playing with friends outside school.

So when, at five-and-a-half, she’s the only kid at a pool party, and all our adult friends take turns hanging out and playing with her, it stands out as being particularly awesome.

Sitting outside on the patio, watching The Rundown by the pool, an hour past bedtime, she wasn’t just a kid–she was part of the crew.

I’ve seen this before. That little girl had to work and missed the party, but her husband was there and it was really cool seeing he and P just sitting at the edge of the pool talking like anyone else.

Children should be included. I’m glad the company I keep treats my kid like she belongs there.

The gift of friendship

The best gift of all.

I am fortunate to have many friends. Some are closer than others. Some are family.

All make this world a better place. Even just knowing you’re out there.

So here’s to our friends. Near and far. Past, present, and future.

You’re the best. Thank you.

PS: I know that’s a picture of root beer. You get the idea, though. 😉