EDC Hoarding

I’m ridiculous sometimes.

The other night as I was emptying my pockets before bed, I had this silly idea. I got the image of a comical, sleeping pig, maybe just his face, and the label, “Dis widdle piddy went to Zzzzkt.”

As much as I like the idea, it was pretty late and I was pretty tired. I was about to let it go when I realized I carry a $20 Fisher Space Pen Bullet and Moleskine pocket notebook precisely so I can easily collect novelties like this anywhere, anytime.

And here I was—literally taking said pen and paper out of my pockets to put away for the night—and being so lazy as to not use them. Why? Because I need to ensure I always have ink and paper should something important come up?

I am pleased to report I called myself on my own bullshit and wrote that idea down.

Much ado…

Living the dream

I don’t know how else to put this one.

[ EDIT: This one missed the schedule. Was supposed to go out back on the 24th. ]

The other night, I dreamt I was back on Kauai. We were in a large clearing in the foothills, overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. There was a gentle, cooling breeze. And the air had that sweet, stickiness to it that reminds every pore you’re in paradise.

And Josh and I were desperately trying to get Fezzik back together in time for me to pick up V and get us to the airport for our flight home. Unfortunately, the flight was leaving in less than an hour and there was no way we would make it in time.

It was so absurd—and funny—I had to share.

Funny, not funny

Things that make you go, “Hmmm…”

I fell asleep the other night thinking about a couple people I’d like to have on The Gearhead Project one day; people who, for whatever reason, I feel I’d like the program to be a little bit more polished before bringing them on.

Not to suggest guest so far have been anything less than exceptional—I haven’t been THIS excited about Gearbox Magazine in years, frankly, and it’s in large part due to the quality of the people I’ve been speaking with to this end. Just that there are a couple folks out there I’d like to get really, deeply meta with on the subject of gearhead parallel, that’s all.

Part of me said, “Just get them on the show and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. Besides, these people will likely be on several times over the years. And how much more polished do you really need this to get, anyway?”

My mind shifted to thoughts of how I might up my game in the podcast department… A case for my Blue Snowball mic so I’m not taking it on-location in the flimsy, cardboard box it came in. A pop filter to block the dreaded “plosives.” An adjustable arm to position the mic just right for more consistent sound quality.

But why stop there? I thought about how Andrew and Brad have multiple microphones for hosting multiple guests, and how they all wear monitors (headphones) to get everyone on the level. I thought about how buttery smooth Justin Gray’s Driven & Co. podcast intro is, and how James Altucher tweaks his own voice to sound more “radio-y” in the intro to The James Altucher Show.”

I wondered what my garage podcast setup might look like in two or three years as I work toward those squad goals. Would I have sound dampening materials up to reduce sounds-like-he’s-in-the-bathroom reverb (echoes).

Would I still be leading off with my almost-trademarked, “Recorded live from a Phoenix garage after the kid goes to bed” schtick? What am I going to do come summer, when it’s still over 100° at 9PM? Will I have noisy fan? A small window air conditioner?

Maybe by the end of summer I’ll be including the temperature so I can point back to the early days of The Gearhead Project and say, “If I can stay up until midnight on a work night in a 100-degree garage to do this, you can start a business from your garage.”

“Recorded live in a 100° Phoenix garage after the kid went to bed, this is The Gearhead Project.”

Or, “Recorded live in a Phoenix garage after the kid went to bed, this is The Gearhead Project—and it’s 100° in here tonight.” You know, document the hustle for prosperity’s sake.

Lying there in the dark, imagining what my situation might look like in a couple years, I pictured myself being considerably more professional about things than I am now. And that’s when I heard myself say it.

“It’s 100° at 10PM on a Tuesday night. And you’re listening to The Gearhead Project, on the Gearhead Podcast Exchange Network.”

The “Gearhead Podcast eXchange Network.”

Abbreviated “GPXN.”

Lulz. (Damn these ideas.)

Funny, not funny.