#nlgs18: Recharge, ramp up, repeat.

I had an idea, then, no.

What if I got up at 5 on Saturday and installed V’s new stereo, then skipped the pool party in order to get a solid four to six hours in on #nlgs18?

Well, Shannon had bought a LOT of food, and Chef and Angie were going, and damn. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a legit swimming pool. Phoenix summers are brutal without one.

I got the stereo installed. Went the twisty-tape route because it doesn’t really matter at this level. And it was nice to be out front, working on a car project while the neighborhood was quiet.

Rod, the local tomcat, reappeared for the first time in a couple weeks. Followed by his daughter. Followed by four of her daughters, each no more than six inches long.

The install was a complete success. The Juke has never sounded so good. The factory deck made little use of the $500 in Kenwood and JL components I’d installed last year for V. This thing shakes all the mirrors.

And then we went to Shannon’s for the pool party. We spent the day.

It was nice to fall into bed around 9PM and know I’d be getting at least seven hours of sleep.

Recharged. Ramp up. Repeat.

#nlgs18: Getting up at 5AM *every* day.

A look back at small success.

A couple months back, I realized I’m a morning person.

Just kidding. Morning has its charms, for sure, but there is little pleasantry in being awake when your body would rather not be. Ideally, we could all just go to bed and wake up when we felt like it.

I realized it makes more sense for me to get up early to work on GBXM than to workout. It’s easy to get online. It’s not easy to get up and do something you don’t want to do.

And if GBXM takes off, I’ll be able to plan exercise wherever it works for me. Not having to commute, alone, would put nearly two hours back in my day. And it would truly be MY day for once.

In any case, the urgency of getting #nlgs18 launched on schedule has proven beneficial.

Monday and Tuesday were rough. P work up with bad dreams or such just before five both days.

Wednesday was the first day my alarm woke me. It also wakes V. Who is fine with it when I actually get up.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? I just woke up between 4:50 and 4:58AM, dismissed the alarm, and got to work.

Sunday too. So I went an entire week getting up at 5AM—even on the weekend, when I could have slept in. I run out of steam a lot earlier in the evening than I did last week, and I’ve been staying up later (often to 11PM) recording podcasts, but I’m easily getting an extra day out of the week just for GBXM stuff—a full eight hours of effort.


  • email signup form: done (enough)
  • landing page: done (enough)
  • announce & get some players: done (enough)

Small success. Now to turn it into a big one. It’s time to purchase a Learning Management System, connect it to my forum, and start building activities. (And, put on my Marketer hat to get the word out.)

There’s a simple signup form and no-bs explanation of #nlgs18 here, by the way: