You’ll see

Four hours.

That’s how much sleep I got between 6AM Wednesday and 10PM Thursday. I slept just four hours in that 40-hour slice of the week.

Coach and I were just talking about this.

(Hang on. Gotta get one, no two more ideas out of my head.)

Make that 11PM and 41-hours.

The fruits of that labor came at great cost.

But they are SO worth it.

You’ll see.

Choppin’ Broccoli

Damnit, Coach.

I love the rare intersections of laziness and productivity.

For example, I don’t want to leave the office for lunch unless I’m meeting a customer—and Uber Eats is a COLOSSAL waste of money—I just started stocking my desk drawer with “healthy” snacks.

Epic beef, bison, and salmon bars. A couple bags of beef jerky. Lara fruit & veggies bars. Kind cranberry almond bars. Seriously. I have at least a dozen options in my desk at any given time—and none of them are over 200 calories.

When I get hungry, I don’t have to get in the truck and drive anywhere. I don’t even have to leave my desk. I just reach into the drawer and grab whatever sounds good. That’s productive.

And since I’m doing so much snacking, I don’t get those crazy, midday hunger pains, so I’m actually eating less. Three or four snacks at 130-190 calories each is less than half the calories of any drive-thru.

It’s lazy productive. I don’t have to think about, plan, prepare, or even schedule lunch. I just reach into my desk and eat. It’s less expensive. It’s healthier. And it’s more productive. I love it.

But as Coach Theis points out, as good as those things are compared to fast food, there are even better options. That’s right, Coach is suggesting vegetables.

I don’t know which feels more bizarre right now, that I’ve got a gallon freezer bag full of broccoli and baby carrots in the fridge—or that I’m kinda craving raw broccoli and carrots.

Habits > Goals

Last year, I set a goal of losing one pound per week. That’s 52 pounds.

I failed miserably, but I learned some valuable lessons in the process. Losing weight is a simple thing—burn more calories than you consume—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Last year I set a goal. And I ended the year within 10lbs of where I started.

This year, I’m working on habits.

Habits like going for a run at least once a week, going for a family hike on the weekends, and eating to fuel my body, not to comfort, entertain, or reward my inner fatty.

And whattaya know. I’m averaging about 1.5lbs lost per week so far this year.

Habits > Goals