A quick favor for GBXM…

I’d like to build a small focus group to help us prioritize which of the 700+ stories we’ve published over the years should be…

A) Considered our very best
B) Prioritized for rebuild
C) Fixed and polished
D) Shit-canned

There’s more to it than that, but if you could give us a couple hours a month to help us chew through this monster list so we can focus on new stories and cleaning up our very best, it would be a HUGE help.

We’d find a way to make it worth your while.

Next Level CEO Maneuver: Wingman

There are times when you need to invite the CEO to a customer meeting. Usually, these involve executives within the customer organization, if not a significant problem.

Bringing the CEO to a meeting shows the other people they are important. It’s confidence-inspiring. You don’t get much more “decision maker” than Chief Executive Officer. The customer gets maximum confidence in the outcome.

Imagine what that meeting might be like.

You and the CEO, sitting in a room with an important customer. It’s an important conversation impacting both organizations. Who’s doing all the talking?

What if you walked into the room and the CEO just said, “[Your name]’s the expert, here. I’m just along to make sure we support whatever he/she needs to do to make your organization successful.”

Imagine that.

Guess what. There are CEOs who do this sort of thing.

Outlining My Next 3 Projects

I’m still struggling to find more than 15 minutes a day to write non-work-related content, but I’ve been piecing together rough outlines for three distinct projects I’d like to complete (or make legit progress on) before the end of the year. My hope is that, by breaking things down into much smaller pieces, I can make more progress on all of the above, er, below, rather.

Here’s what I’m working on, in order of progress made thus far…

#1 “Beanchode: Diary of a Somebody”
There isn’t so much an outline on this one as a growing desire to make these dailies more relevant and worthy of being turned into a book at some point. The only way that happens is if I can frame a legitimate arc and find the right balance between work life parallel journey and random, hopefully entertaining asides.

#2 “Changing Lanes: A Gearhead’s Guide to Work Life Parallel Parking”
I’ve got a fairly robust outline–and maybe a dozen pages of rough, written in 2016, copy–in place on this one, but I want to have it more finalized before I begin actually writing in earnest. Currently trying to figure out exactly what kind of value I want this one to deliver and how to structure the story to do so.

#3 “Get Parallel Series”
This is a self-paced, work life parallel discovery kit I’ve been working on here and there for the better part of a year. Landing at LeadMD–and discovering account-based sales–I’m inspired to revise everything, as account-based is a powerful metaphor–and relative roadmap–to work life parallel achievement. Not to mention it might make an immediate impact in peoples’ lives.

Here’s to progress, then.