Leveraging the urgency of escapism

Last week was rough.

It’s like we clenched our fists so long that, the minute we relaxed, the levee broke.

I wrote this one Friday night, thinking about how much I empathize with Chris Farley’s Black Sheep character falling down that mountain.

“What in the hell was THAT all about?”

Stress and sleep deprivation will mess up your perspective. One frustrated customer turns into two, into three, into does anyone actually think about why they’re buying tech before signing contracts?

Get in a bad mood. You’ll start seeing bad news.

If there’s a positive to this—beyond the ability to recognize when it’s happening—it’s that it drives a sense of urgency. Clean out the garage. Get that crap on Ebay and sell it. Pay off those debts.

Life has its ups and downs. Always has. Always will.

The trick is knowing how to leverage the fight or flight response to get yourself closer to the end game.

If you think life sucks, it will suck, but if you take action, it WILL get better.

And sooner than you think.

At least, that’s the story I keep telling myself.

I could use a little help with sponsorship…

Next Level Gearhead Summer 2018 is coming.

And I’m really excited. It’s the biggest thing GBXM has ever done.

Had I originally planned on this thing having sponsors and prizes, I would have been working on that long ago. But I didn’t. So now I’m in a bit of a scramble.

The tricky part is I don’t subscribe to that gimme-gimme wannabe bullshit mentality. To me sponsorship is a partnership. Everyone needs to see ROI—including the people playing the game for prizes.

Now I’m less than two months out from flipping the switch on this thing and I’m looking at one hell of an opportunity cost—spend the time building the game or spend it delivering personalized pitches to ideal sponsor candidates. (I don’t even have my TAM on a Post-It note yet.)

Without giving too much away, here’s the relevant topics/industries:

  • garage & tool cleanup & organization
  • motorsport: anything clubman level
  • vehicle detailing, inside & out
  • events organizing & support
  • technical automotive skills
  • road trips & travel

I’m shooting for at least 100 players in this inaugural edition, who will likely be generating THOUSANDS of hashtags on social media over the course of the entire summer—June into September. It’s going to be a highly engaged, close-knit group of players (predominately North America, but we’re a global community).

If you or someone you know might be interested in donating a prize or otherwise supporting a good cause—helping gearheads like us live better lives—please get in touch or introduce me. Beyond the game, there are also opportunities for long tail content on Gearbox Magazine, as well as The Gearhead Project podcast.

This is important to me. I believe it will be important to many more.

Anyone who can help me make it happen will get my absolute best.

Thanks for sharing this with someone who might be interested.

Here’s a link to contact me:

Talk to the Founder

If you build it, they will come

But it’s got to be worth building.

So much has been going on in recent months. I’ve *almost* hit my new, three-per-week publishing schedule on GBXM. I’ve *almost* got Next Level Gearhead Summer sorted and ready to build. I’ve *almost* got the podcast dialed in the way I like it. I’ve *almost* got the LLC registered (pending a little business accounting advice from a friend).

It’s been proven nobody actually multi-tasks—we just spread the same amount of effort across multiple tasks. They all kinda get done concurrently, so to speak, but they all get done slower, too.

Consistently getting shit done translates into connecting with more people who also get shit done. Believe it or not, this helps you get even more done.

It’s a positive feedback loop. It’s a flywheel. The more you put into it, the more momentum you carry up the next hill.

Don’t stop building it. Show the world it matters by keeping at it.

They will come. And they will bring reinforcements.