Escapism & the call of adventure

I’ve got that feeling again.

The feeling I need to aggressively downsize, divest, and disappear. You know, more so than usual.

I am unabashedly in love with the idea of living simply aboard a 40-foot sailboat. No mortgage. No electric or water bill. Just food, data, and the odd splash of diesel for the Doldrums.

And for the same reason, I also love the idea of downsizing into a lightly used RV for a couple years, taking the show on the road, and living to work more than working to live (while saving up for said 40-foot sailboat, naturally).

But I’m starting to notice these voices get louder in times of stress. When the site goes down, when deadlines loom, when the best laid plans of mice fall apart—the urge to run away grows stronger.

I don’t think that means all my hopes and dreams stem from the wrong side of “fight or flight,” but I DO think it’s something worth doing some deeper thinking on.

Fortunately, I’ve got some good friends I can think about this stuff with.

Million Dollar Idea: Remote Year for Families (& Teachers)

From the wishful thinking department.

Remote Year is a program for singles (and couples without kids) to spend a year working remotely while they travel around the world. They spend something like a month in each country, and all the logistics are handled by the organization.

Pretty cool, right?

So I was thinking, what if there was a Remote Year for families? Instead of a cohort of 50 singles traveling the world together, what if it was a mix of 10-12 families of 3-4 and 10-12 attached teachers and caregivers to ensure the children got a real, lasting benefit?

Suppose it was $1,600/month per parent and $400/month per [ school-aged ] child—and 100% free for the teachers and caregivers who tend to the children so the parents can work.

We’re already well on our way to paying teachers nothing at all. The least we could do is give them a trip around the world with a small, manageable class size, and actually engaged parents.

If you can make it work, tips are appreciated. Lulz.

Uncertainty fades with action

Every excuse you’ve ever had for why you haven’t done what you wanted with your life up to now is bullshit.

So do something about it. Right now.

Every step moves you closer to what you want–even the little ones.

Googling that specific question, buying that domain, registering that LLC; you’re reducing uncertainty.

So do something about it. Anything.

Uncertainty fades with action.