Smarty Pants’ work here is done.

How did you feel about the work-life parallel framework details last week?

Did you notice how some of them seem easier than others?

Too true.

I’ve found reflection is most important, but easiest to overlook. Unpacking and reverse engineering happiness takes a special set of tools. It takes some practice—and even then it’s easy to get distracted and move on.

That’s fine. Stick with the cycle and you’ll come back ‘round in due time.

Exploration is super easy for me. I’m a crazy big idea guy. I’m always coming up with ideas. And that’s a big part of the exploration process. It’s like brainstorming.

Discovery is probably my favorite part, because it’s exciting to find a clue or finally figure something out. A lot of the stuff you’ve read from me on this front stems from discovery.

Action. This is the hardest part. At least, for me anyway. Exploring big ideas, discovering incredible opportunities—it’s too easy for my brain to latch on to that feeling of success—and then leave it at that.

Smarty Pants has figured it out. Smarty Pants work here is done.

Smarty Pants needs to check his self before he wrecks his self.

Consider this post me documenting the night I discovered just how deeply my bullshit goes in the action department. (Deep enough that the original work-life parallel framework didn’t even include action. It had to be suggested—by Chazz. Thanks again, brother.)

Reinforced by a trusted friend and professional advisor the other night.

Smarty Pants work has just begun.

The irony of Overland Expo

This is my second time at OXW.

The first was back in 2016, when Chazz and I were actively marketing Adventurist Life magazine. We had a little booth off the back of his Land Rover Discovery on the vendor midway.

It was a lot of fun—even if I DID get TRASHED Saturday night and missed my chance to interview Earth Cruiser owners about their incredible, Mitsubishi Fuso overlanding machines Sunday morning.

Overall, though, I really didn’t know many people. At least, not beyond their names, anyway.

Today, things are a little bit different. I’m walking around OXW on a mission to meet some new people and get to know the ones I already know a bit better while we can hang out in person.

The irony of Overland Expo is that I feel like I’m going to get more out of the one day I’m there this year representing Gearbox Magazine than I did two-plus days in 2016 representing Adventurist Life.


Ol’ Fezzik is gonna have a drink

Money has changed hands.

Plans have been hatched and finalized.

Fezzik is getting a freshly rebuilt engine—valve covers to oil pan—and a complete drivetrain service.

He’s about 2,000 miles shy of 200k. This is perfect timing.

And I think ol’ Fezzik is gonna have a drink with us.

(If it’s good enough for WRC…)