The irony of Overland Expo

This is my second time at OXW.

The first was back in 2016, when Chazz and I were actively marketing Adventurist Life magazine. We had a little booth off the back of his Land Rover Discovery on the vendor midway.

It was a lot of fun—even if I DID get TRASHED Saturday night and missed my chance to interview Earth Cruiser owners about their incredible, Mitsubishi Fuso overlanding machines Sunday morning.

Overall, though, I really didn’t know many people. At least, not beyond their names, anyway.

Today, things are a little bit different. I’m walking around OXW on a mission to meet some new people and get to know the ones I already know a bit better while we can hang out in person.

The irony of Overland Expo is that I feel like I’m going to get more out of the one day I’m there this year representing Gearbox Magazine than I did two-plus days in 2016 representing Adventurist Life.


Ol’ Fezzik is gonna have a drink

Money has changed hands.

Plans have been hatched and finalized.

Fezzik is getting a freshly rebuilt engine—valve covers to oil pan—and a complete drivetrain service.

He’s about 2,000 miles shy of 200k. This is perfect timing.

And I think ol’ Fezzik is gonna have a drink with us.

(If it’s good enough for WRC…)

10 things my first 10 podcast episodes taught me

More or less in order of importance.

1. I talk too much.

2. I’m really getting better at this. Because I’m reviewing every minute of what are proving incredibly important conversations and can’t help but feel compelled to be a better host.

3. This is preserving a record of the automotive Zeitgeist. It’s a look into the life of the post-modern gearhead; empowered and handicapped by unlimited access to information.

4. Which means these conversations are the closest I’ve probably ever been to real, actual journalism in going on 10 years of running my own magazine.

5. I made it harder than it had to be in the beginning. And it got better as it got simpler.

6. The better the episodes go, the more motivated I am to hurry up and get them buttoned up and published. Momentum is a hell of a drug.

7. I’m pretty sure, most of the time, both my guest and I discover something new in the process. It’s an exciting experience.

8. I need to do a better job of marketing these conversations. They deserve a wider audience.

9. These conversations prove work-life parallel is in all of us—but we don’t always recognize it.

10. Gearbox Magazine just turned into Work-Life Parallel Evolution II, imo. #stoked

I wonder what I’ll know when I hit 20 episodes…