#nlgs18: Getting up at 5AM *every* day.

A look back at small success.

A couple months back, I realized I’m a morning person.

Just kidding. Morning has its charms, for sure, but there is little pleasantry in being awake when your body would rather not be. Ideally, we could all just go to bed and wake up when we felt like it.

I realized it makes more sense for me to get up early to work on GBXM than to workout. It’s easy to get online. It’s not easy to get up and do something you don’t want to do.

And if GBXM takes off, I’ll be able to plan exercise wherever it works for me. Not having to commute, alone, would put nearly two hours back in my day. And it would truly be MY day for once.

In any case, the urgency of getting #nlgs18 launched on schedule has proven beneficial.

Monday and Tuesday were rough. P work up with bad dreams or such just before five both days.

Wednesday was the first day my alarm woke me. It also wakes V. Who is fine with it when I actually get up.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? I just woke up between 4:50 and 4:58AM, dismissed the alarm, and got to work.

Sunday too. So I went an entire week getting up at 5AM—even on the weekend, when I could have slept in. I run out of steam a lot earlier in the evening than I did last week, and I’ve been staying up later (often to 11PM) recording podcasts, but I’m easily getting an extra day out of the week just for GBXM stuff—a full eight hours of effort.


  • email signup form: done (enough)
  • landing page: done (enough)
  • announce & get some players: done (enough)

Small success. Now to turn it into a big one. It’s time to purchase a Learning Management System, connect it to my forum, and start building activities. (And, put on my Marketer hat to get the word out.)

There’s a simple signup form and no-bs explanation of #nlgs18 here, by the way:


Reduce to the ridiculous & close

How to sell yourself on success.

It’s a classic sales closing technique. And I KNOW you’ve seen it a million times.

They’ll say something like “For just pennies a day…” or “Less than the price of a cup of coffee…”. Nine cents per day could be $2.79/month. That cup of coffee could be more than $200/month, depending on where said coffee comes from.

It’s called “reducing to the ridiculous” or “reducing to the absurd.” The idea is make the commitment seem small and trivial. This website runs me north of $100/year, but it’s “only $10.99/month.” See what I mean?

GOOD NEWS! We can use this to our advantage!

Instead of thinking, “It would take thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to to finish my project,” think, “What can I get done for $20 tonight after the kids go to bed?”

This post inspired by recent conversations with two exceptional individuals who may just end up becoming regular, monthly contributors to Gearbox Magazine in the near future.

I’ve always wanted a close-knit team of four or five partners who can help entertain, enlighten, and empower the gearheads of the world, but rather than focusing on building a team, it struck me it’s a lot easier to focus on building relationships with individuals one at a time.

This little Americana

Here a nice little thought.

What if someday, someone stumbles upon this collection of thoughts long after we’re all gone? What’s that person going to think?

What if it’s this little slice of Americana, the hopes and (hopefully realized) dreams of the Everyman.

Generation X.
We’re the middle children of history.

It’s a nice little thought.