This little Americana

Here a nice little thought.

What if someday, someone stumbles upon this collection of thoughts long after we’re all gone? What’s that person going to think?

What if it’s this little slice of Americana, the hopes and (hopefully realized) dreams of the Everyman.

Generation X.
We’re the middle children of history.

It’s a nice little thought.

A 90-Minute Massage

At Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona.

We’ve basically been gritting our teeth and clenching our fists for nine months.

That chapter is over. The story continues, but that chapter is behind us.

Stepping out of the spa onto that sunny patio in Sedona, with the breeze…

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life.

(And I’m feelin’ good.)

Roundabouts & Yield Signs

Lots of roundabouts in Sedona.

Traffic circles. They’re smart, efficient. And simple.

There’s a yield sign. If nobody’s coming, you don’t stop.

I’ll say it again.

If nobody’s coming, YOU DON’T STOP.

That’s what the YIELD sign means.

I guess that’s a metaphor for something.