Since 1995, whenever life has lead me down bumpy roads, one band has been along for the ride. They’ve pulled me back from the brink more than a couple times. Theirs has always been a message of hope, happiness, and progress, but their 2014 release took things to the next level.

When life hands me lemons, when I can’t shake the clouds, when I feel the abyss gazing back into me, 311’s “Stereolithic” is my constant companion. This morning, wanting to avoid more sad sack, negative vibes, I fired up Stereolithic. For some reason, my Pioneer always plays the last track in a folder first.

See what I mean about always being there when I need them?

I’m gonna take a couple days off if you don’t mind. Probably share a few more tracks off Stereolithic instead. This isn’t a music blog by any means, but I need the positive vibes to bounce back.