Here’s the problem with social media these days…

We should have spotted this a mile away.
The calls to action gave it away.

Follow. Like. Share.

The same brands that had zero interest in engaging with customers in the brand- and product-centric communities they built themselves have zero interest in engaging with them now.

Get behind us. Compliment us. Help us sell more stuff.

And yet, if you run a caring business, you truly want to “be there” for your customers.

The experience no longer begins and ends within the confines of your funnel, but you know you don’t want to invest too much into social media because you know it’s rented land. They can—and will—change the rules to make you pay for access to that audience.

So how do we extend the good guy customer experience beyond our own websites, knowing everyone out there is perpetually inundated with automated, self-promotional garbage?

If you had any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to engage.

Maybe we could do a Twitter Chat or something.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Stayed up way too late the other night.

The girls went to bed. I stepped out to the office—the folding chair at the big desk in the garage; with ice cold Pacifcos and a freshly refilled, electronic cigar at arm’s length—for a quick phone call to discuss a couple app ideas.

He took my call at midnight, Brooklyn time, and we discussed several solid ways of approaching the project. Some paths would be easier. Some would offer more options down the road. All were exciting.

And then our conversation evolved to business, industry, and disruption.

Which led us back to technology, cars, and motorsport.

We discovered new addressable markets and ideal customer profiles.

That got us talking about data-driven modification of combustion chamber events, historically-based predictions for electric drivetrain swaps and self-driving vehicles, and scaling businesses on credibility.

It was supposed to be a relatively quick chat.

We talked until 2AM Eastern.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Haha.

Thinking about advice for aspiring gearheads…

Especially those just getting started.

I’ve currently got about 7,000 words written on the subject across a handful of would-be ebook documents. And I kinda want to combine them all into one, maybe two free downloads.

(I was looking at the printed issues again the other day. Got the itch again.)

The main points, in rough order:

  • Be honest with yourself about what you really want and need.
  • The 3-step process most enthusiasts forget: why > how > what
  • Find your community. Prioritize meeting others in person.
  • Take action. (Take control.)

And once you’ve got that down, give some thought to what the your next level looks like.

  • Setup your ideas workshop.
  • Practice the art of the side hustle.

And remember life is like a slushbox sometimes.

Kinda feels like I should get this buttoned up before Next Level Gearhead Summer launches (in three months)—but I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do on that front before it’s ready to actually build.

Maybe I should be honest with myself about what I really want and need, remember that 3-step process, discuss with the community (in person wherever possible), and take action.

Target: 1,000 GBXM subscribers by the end of 2018.