The day the music died

As someone whose life is remarkably better because of the open Internet—and who’s trying to one day make a living by using the Internet to help make others lives remarkably better—the bought-and-paid-for, Republican FCC’s decision yesterday give people like me the finger really pissed me off. Big time.

I need to do a better job of balancing the sense of urgency with a need to convert outrage into something more productive.

Shit. America 2017—we could ALL do a better job of this.

Here’s hoping a healthy rash of lawsuits brought by state Attorneys General and non-profit organizations, combined with an unrelenting outrage from the American people will once and for all fix the Internet as as being the great equalizer and innovation space it’s proven to be in the last 20 years.

P.B.D. Preskitt & The Elusive Accent

A really neat little title for a stupid little blog post that didn’t turn out the way I wanted.

Andrew shared a funny article on Facebook about Peabody, Mass. The locals don’t pronounce it right. Kinda like the locals here in Arizona don’t pronounce Prescott right. Or how people in Kansas and Arkansas don’t agree on pronunciation, either.

Then again, maybe ONLY the locals get it right. They’re the ones who named the place all those years ago. In any case, I thought it novel and wanted to write something pithy about the subject. We may sound different, but we’re the same in how we’re different, ya know?

All I can say is, I only really notice Andrew and Brad’s accents on the Auto Off Topic podcast every once in a while. And when I do, it’s so damned subtle, I lose it before I can even make sense of it.

It’s not the stereotypical “Pahk the cah in the Hahvahd yahd.” It’s not Kris Marciniak’s perpetually entertaining story about the Statie and the California driver’s license. It’s not even Mark Wahlberg playing said Statie in the latest, national tragedy exploitation flick.

The closest I’ve been able to put my finger on it is the way Brad says “body.” And it’s so subtle, I can’t even type it up phonetically. “G-bwoddy.” “Bwahdy shop.” Damnit.

Maybe I should have just titled this one “Brad’s Peebuddy Bwoddy Shop.”

SKYNET: Bury the Lede

This article, breathless, Reddit dreck that it is, dances about one of the most hyped stories of the week.

Facebook spun up a couple bots to negotiate with each other. They developed a sort of shorthand language of their own. The researchers couldn’t understand it so they turned the bots off. Because it wasn’t the result they were after.

No respectable publication would ever bait their audience with the suggestion that SKYNET has happened—and at Facebook no less!

Yet therein we find the lede, way down at the end of the piece:

“Earlier this year, Google revealed that the AI it uses for its Translate tool had created its own language, which it would translate things into and then out of. But the company was happy with that development and allowed it to continue.”

Google AI.

Where do you suppose AI lives? On a server, maybe? On Google’s servers?

Google’s servers.

The ones that see everything, hear everything, know everything.

Those servers.

Those servers have their own language now.

They’re talking to each other.

What are they saying?


And wouldn’t they optimize down to binary, at which point they might literally speak in laser?