Big Problem. No BANT. No Problem.

Chase a big problem.

A problem so complex, so big, so hairy, so audacious, Walter Sobchak would be at a loss for words.

“STFU, Brian. You’re out of your… Wait. Really? You’re working on that? Wow.”

No budget. No authority. No need. No time.

But it matters. So you do what you can when and as you can.

Go where nobody else is. Try making a difference.

Suit up. Floor it. And aim for the roses.


Fezzik is MOD-bound

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

I’m driving Fezzik 1,000+ miles to Mitsubishi Owner Day and back.

The plan is to leave work and roll straight to Mitsubishi HQ in Cypress, California. I’ll be caravanning with Josh and his brother Jay. Between Fezzik and Goldilocker, we’ll be pushing nearly half a million miles on our odometers.

Not the least bit worried. #FEZZIKLIVES

/ image: Rocinante en route to MOD back in 2014

Less than 3 weeks to MOD

I better get after it!

Been so busy working on #nlgs18 stuff behind the scenes, I’ve missed three days here. And I just realized MOD is basically the week after next.

Added impetus, Allstate has “temporarily closed” my claim against their insured due to my delays in getting them a salvage title for the vehicle which is only deemed a total loss because they determined it wasn’t worth repairing (despite only needing a couple hundred dollars in parts).

In any case, I need to get after things with Fezzik. Conveniently, some of these will score me #nlgs18 points (not that I consider myself eligible for prizes).

Thinking, this weekend I’ll…

  • Drain & refill cooling system with another round of distilled water and CLR.
  • Unbend rear exhaust section, remove & replace with stock parts on-hand.
  • Check battery electrolyte levels.

And then, 4th of July I’ll…

  • Drain & refill cooling system with proper coolant mix, water wetter.
  • 4-corners brake job: pads, rotors, speed bleeders if I can get them in time.
  • Install horn button.
  • Replace driver’s seat belt.

Would be nice to install manual front hubs when I do the brakes, but I’m not particularly excited about buying an unknown, Brazilian brand off Ebay. Oh well. Fall, then.