Stick Figure – Easy Runaway

I’m starting to think this tag might be onto something.

We’ve all got a short list of favorite songs, but I’ve recently stumbled across several that resonate on a far deeper level; to the point I think “soundtrack” could mean “literally what I was thinking at this point in my life.”

Definitely makes me want to go back through the #music and #soundtrack tags on the site to see if I’ve been subconsciously filtering the music I’ve shared in the last year.


I have never played any team sport lasting longer than an hour; especially not organized team sports. And I haven’t played kickball in at least 20 years.

But for some damn fool reason I have yet to understand, I joined the office kickball team. We had our first games last night. I saw the sunset on a hot, summer night from left center field. I stayed out after dark playing ball with friends.

I woke up sore this morning, with visible signs of injury. T’is but a scratch!

I’m pretty lousy at this, but it’s actually a lot of fun. And we’re not that drunk.