The Dilemma: Merging?

From the Convergent Ideation Department

The line between these dailies and where GBXM is heading is starting to get blurry.

Suppose I pivoted, niched-down, and made a point of almost always framing them in an automotive/gearhead context—what if I rolled these into Gearbox Magazine?

The Dilemma (I keep coming back to this.)

Posting every day is good for traffic. It’s also good for me, as a writer.

Writing everyday—for GBXM—would be a good thing, too.

And I could make these little things optional in the email subscriptions so only those who really want them would get them (and everyone else would be spared). I also really think this is a good idea, as it will help me focus exclusively on Gearbox instead of splitting my time with these.

It’s where I want to take things, I think.

But how much of GBXM is for me vs for others?

What’s the mission? What’s the move?

Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. That’s the first thing they teach you.

Gonna need to think on this one some more. Would appreciate any thoughts you might have.


Synchro Sunday. Coming to Gearbox Magazine this weekend.

I’m gonna try it.

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying to execute on your brilliant plan and life keeps throwing you curves. OODA loops, friend.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
This is life.

Part of me thinks it’s stupid committing to adding something to the already struggling weekly editorial calendar. And part of me doesn’t care, because this idea is simple and speaks to what the future of Gearbox Magazine is all about.

So here’s to Synchro Sundays. Coming THIS Sunday to Gearbox Magazine.

Meanwhile, GBXM is silent…

What if I started doing something like these for GBXM?

Call ’em “The Daily Gearhead” or something?

Writing these little dailies helps me work through things and get them out of my head. It’s also an important exercise in developing a daily writing habit. So I’m really making an effort to stay on top of these this year.

Meanwhile, GBXM is silent.

The original idea was to only publish when we had something significant to say. And I STILL think that should be Rule #1. But consistently publishing things on a consistent schedule over time is proven to be one of the best ways to build an audience.

I decided to press myself to do three pieces a week—something new, The Gearhead Project, and something updated from the crates. Every week. And then the site crashed, I got a nasty letter from the IRS, and put over 40 hours into Fezzik in a single weekend.

Maybe it’s residual sleep deprivation. Maybe my mitochondria are still pissed about the lack of sleep last weekend. Maybe I’m full of shit, but I feel like the new stuff I’ve been running on GBXM lately has been too scattered.

It’s also been a bit on the long side. So I’m thinking it might be worth doing a Daily Gearhead over there. Simplify things. Resonate. Generate more engagement.

But how would I differentiate between that and this? And would the subscribers approve?

I’d still get into the deeper stuff, but this would mean greater consistency. It might also help people better identify with the dream behind Gearbox Magazine.

Before I email the subscribers to ask, anyone reading this have any thoughts on the subject?