The Sync Road Podcast

Carter asked…

What’s the podcast called? And where can I find it?

Excellent questions. Truth is, I have no idea yet.

Possible names include:

  • Parallel Parking
  • Gearheads United
  • The Gearhead Project
  • Syncro
  • [ The ] Sync Road!

Parallel Parking was my first thought. Parallel because these conversations will borrow from the work life parallel framework. Parking because we’ll be parked (stationary) and talking. But “parking” is another term for making out. No tongue!

Gearheads United is a serious contender. Gearheads are more than enthusiast consumers. And I want to unite them. Around common ground and shared interests. To do great things in the world.

The Gearhead Project. Also a contender. Kinda speaks to how we’re viewing gearheads AS projects to be modified for greater performance just like we do our vehicular projects—and not entirely sure where it will lead. I think this is my #2 choice.

Syncro. Man. I love this one. I’ve used it before. Synchros are found in manual transmissions. They’re like these little shims that help the actual gears match speeds with one another for easier engagement. It’s a brilliant metaphor—and one I’ve used before—but it’s also a registered trademark for one of the coolest vehicles ever made, and I’m not about to dilute that brand or appropriate their community.

And so it was, as I started writing this, I found myself exploring alternate pronunciations of “Syncro” (which is actually pronounced “ZINK-ro” by the way).

I remembered my good friend Banovsky, and his Downroad Group.

“The Syncro Group.”

“The Syncro’d Group.”

“Sync Road.”


The Sync Road.

Conversations synchronizing man and machine with life and liberty. The road on which those conversations take place, leading to modified, high-performance lives.

And the subtle, highly convenient alliterative play on “The Silk Road”?

You could say I’m metaphorically hooked.

As for where to find it, I’m gonna have to google that shit and get back to you, boss.

PS: This is why you journal, blog, find a way to document your body of work, folks. “The Sync Road” literally came to mind as I was typing that bullet list up there. This post was really going to be about asking you for help coming up with a name. Lightning will never strike if you aren’t willing to fly your kite in storms.