Enlightenment & adult growth spurts

Now with counter-productive temper tantrums!

My five year old daughter gets cooler every day. She’s so much more fun than she was back when she was just this adorable little chub with bright blue eyes and curly blond hair.

And yet, she can be a mean, vindictive, little cuss. Daily.

We’ve come to realize that her growth spurts are preceded with attitude and drama. Every. Time.

And it’s only natural. She’s constantly soaking up an inordinate amount of information, processing it with whatever means she has, and adapting her worldview/life-model to suit.

You can imagine how frustrating this must be. These are challenging times. She knows she’s about to figure something out. It’s on the tip of her tongue—but she’s just not there yet.

And, boy, does it piss her off.

But once things click, she goes right back to being her wonderful, amazing self. She’s better, smarter, stronger than she was before. And that’s exciting to see.

And if you think about it, growth spurts like that continue on throughout our lives.

As we soak up inordinate amounts of information, processing it with whatever means we have, and adapting our worldview/life-model to suit, it can get damned frustrating.

Eyes on the prize, though. It’s probably a good idea to consider the times when we’re completely fed up at our wits’ end adult growth spurts.

Something wonderful is going to happen.

You’re just not ready yet.

Keep trying.

Mic Test. Mac Fail.


Finally got Audacity installed on the MacBook. Unboxed my still new-in-box, year-old microphone… and then had to google around to find Apple combined the headphone and microphone jacks into one. Which apparently only works with Apple hardware.

After more googling around, I found several support threads where people had luck with a $10 USB adapter that splits input/output and allows you to run 3.5mm jacks through a USB port. Sold.

Sat down to try again. It works, but it’s effectively inaudible. More googling, and I find the mic I have (Neewer NW-700) is not compatible with Macs. (Not that I had been intending to use a Mac when I asked for it last year.)

Whatever. I break out the trusty, 10-year old, reliable-to-a-fault Dell Inspiron. Bodhi Linux fired right up. But the wireless card lost it settings again and I really don’t feel like spending hours dicking with Linux bullshit.

I am disappoint.

Rather than replace a perfectly good, brand new microphone, or spend more money on a phantom power unit that still might not work, or spend even more money than that on a new, Windows machine, I think I’m just going to use my old Plantronics Bluetooth headset and my Android device.

Here goes nothing…