Enlightenment & adult growth spurts

Now with counter-productive temper tantrums!

My five year old daughter gets cooler every day. She’s so much more fun than she was back when she was just this adorable little chub with bright blue eyes and curly blond hair.

And yet, she can be a mean, vindictive, little cuss. Daily.

We’ve come to realize that her growth spurts are preceded with attitude and drama. Every. Time.

And it’s only natural. She’s constantly soaking up an inordinate amount of information, processing it with whatever means she has, and adapting her worldview/life-model to suit.

You can imagine how frustrating this must be. These are challenging times. She knows she’s about to figure something out. It’s on the tip of her tongue—but she’s just not there yet.

And, boy, does it piss her off.

But once things click, she goes right back to being her wonderful, amazing self. She’s better, smarter, stronger than she was before. And that’s exciting to see.

And if you think about it, growth spurts like that continue on throughout our lives.

As we soak up inordinate amounts of information, processing it with whatever means we have, and adapting our worldview/life-model to suit, it can get damned frustrating.

Eyes on the prize, though. It’s probably a good idea to consider the times when we’re completely fed up at our wits’ end adult growth spurts.

Something wonderful is going to happen.

You’re just not ready yet.

Keep trying.

Surf’s Up! Are you ready to be truly independent?

Or are you going to keep your head in the sand?

About 20 years ago, the democratization of the world wide web enabled those ready to launch a fresh start and leverage technology to make new names for themselves do so. And they rode that early adopter wave all the way to the bank.

The next wave is coming our way now. Technology is eating away at the many of the most common jobs in America today. Retail sales people, cashiers, fast food workers, customer service, commercial drivers—everywhere technology can replace a human, it does.

If you want to be ready to capitalize on the next wave, you should be reading up on the Gig or Freelance economy and figuring out how to diversify your income away from a single job. Because those days are coming to and end for most of us.

Call bullshit if you want, but in the last 50 years, we’ve gone from being able to step into a lifetime career path with benefits and pension right out of high school, to needing a college degree for a part-time job with none of the above.

Let’s look at some simple numbers. The US Department of Labor that says the total, seasonally adjusted workforce in the United States in 2016 was 123,760,000 people.

You know what the #1 most common job in America was in 2016? Retail sales.

You know what the #2 most common job in America was in 2016? Cashier.

#3 was food services, including fast food (but not waiters/waitresses).

Waiters, waitresses, customer service reps, general laborers, registered nurses, secretaries, general clerks, and janitors rounded out the top 10.

How many of those jobs come with benefits like health insurance or paid time off? How many of those jobs do you think are impacted by self-checkout kiosks?

If you take out the RNs and decently-paid administrative assistants, that leaves 25,125,900 people in those jobs. Divide that total workforce and you get 20.3%. That’s an awful lot of experience for high school kids, but I digress.

According to Intuit’s 2020 Report, more than 40% of the US workforce will be “contingent” by 2020 (and traditional, full-time jobs will be harder to find, as more than 80% of corporations already plan on shifting to contract-based work).

Think about that for a minute. Eight of the top 10 most common jobs in America in 2016 represent 20% of the total workforce. And by 2020, more than double that number will be “independent contractors.”

The tide is coming in. If you wanna wax up your board and surf with us, I think we’re going to have a good time. We’ll finally get to decide what we do for a living and when—but only those of us who are prepared and ready to go when the surf’s up.

I can’t get ready fast enough, but I’m going to help as many as I can while we still have time.

Here’s to the future.

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